Multiple Zone Pricing

Store admin can set different shipping prices for each Geo Zone in the administration.

Multiple Zone Pricing

How it works?

Store admin can set this shipping method enabled or disabled, the tax class for the method to apply to, different method calculations and shipping rates on each Geo Zone in this area. Shipping method calculations can be triggered by

  • Weight-based
  • Sub-total based, or
  • Item-count based
  • Cart weight 2kgs or less cost RM8.50
  • Cart weight 2.01-2.50kgs cost RM10
  • Cart weight 2.51-3.00kgs cost RM13
  • Cart weight more than 3kgs cost RM30

You can define your own customized "table" rates to determine the shipping cost for each Geo Zone in this section. It allows multiple ranges of rates based on different values (weights, pricings, items, etc.). For example, the format of the weight to cost in the admin area is: weight:cost, weight:cost, etc.

For example if you want to setup the following:

You would use the following rates:

2.00:8.50, 2.50:10.00, 3.00:13.00, 9999999:30.00

The last one is important because it sets an virtually infinite ceiling. If you didn't have that 9999999 rate, then anything over 3kgs would have no available rate and would not show.



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