Stock Inventory Management

Managing your inventory in a cost-effecient way helps you to optimize your profit. With all our available notifications and reporting system, you will know how your inventory is moving.
Product List
Products List is a stock inventory management system. It helps to monitor over the number of products being sold and also make sure that stock is sufficient.
•  Add new products
•  Remove, restock or edit a product
•  Monitor overstock and outage products
•  Manage individual product discount and promotion

Image Manager

Import and manage all of your store’s images. Images in an online store are very important, as they are the only mean your customers can see the products, and also what attracts them to continue browsing the store in the first place.
It is essential to provide attractive and colourful high-quality images for products in your store and keep them well-organized and updated. These can be done with ease using the Image Manager. It offers online merchants effortless means of uploading multiple images, creating attractive and informative store catalog. It also supports Drag & Drop image uploading and keeps Browsing History (saves the last opened folder). Images that have been uploaded can also be sorted in order to make the most relevant ones to be visible first.
•  Adding/ updating main product images of each product
•  Adding/ updating additional product images of each product
•  Ordering of additional product images
•  Updating and organizing other images (banners, store logo, manufacturer images, etc.) on your store’s website

Bulk Import/Export Products

Bulk Export/Import is extremely helpful when there is the necessity to renew inventory for large catalog. It assists store admin to export and import product categories, products list, additional product images, product options, attributes, special discount, bulk discounts and rewards points. This tool saves valuable time for the store admin in massive product update operations.

How It Works?
•  Export a copy of the Excel file
•  Enter the data into the Excel file according to the format
•  Import the completed Excel file 

Product Categories

Ease your customers pain of going through all of your products listing just to search for what they want. Group your products into its proper categories.

Categorizing products into its group is an important step to be taken. This will give an overall view of the types of products that are available for sale in the store for both store owners and customers. Product Categories will also ease the products searching by the customers. 
How It Works?
•  Define the Parent Categories
•  Define the Child Categories
•  Assign products to their respective categories

Product Specifications

Useful for customers to gain further insight of the specific products. For online shoppers, images and specifications are the only means that they can judge/analyze the products.
Product Attributes
Product Attributes describe product characteristics or specifications. These attributes are particularly useful for product comparisons. When customers are deciding between 2 or more products that are suitable, detailed information of respective products will come in handy to influence buying choice.
How It Works?
1.   Define the Attribute Group
2.  Define Attributes in each Attribute Group
3.  Assign Attributes to individual product and input the necessary descriptions

Product Options

Allow you to set choices for your products, e.g. sizes and colours. This will come in handy when your products come with several options.

Product Options is an extra selection that customer can make on the product page when purchasing it. This is useful when there are goods in the store with several options, as for example clothing, colour and size acts as a product options. Each option will be regarded as a separate product, which is very convenient when processing order. Additionally, store owner can choose what to show : image, quantity, delivery date and etc.
How It Works?
•  Define the available product options and its choices
•  Assign Options to individual product

Product Brands

If your products have brands, label them. It will help to boost confidence and ultimately improve the conversion rate of your customers.

Brands are unique identification of products that distinguish them from the competitors products. Labeling products under certain brand will ensure confidence in customers’ minds and convince them that the product they are interested is from reliable manufacturer. Naturally, well-know brands are recognized by clients, and goods produced and labeled under those names are more trusted and are more likely to be bought eagerly.
How It Works?
•  Define the Brands that are carried by the store
•  Assign the Brands to their respective products

Product Labels

Inform your customers which of your products are bestsellers, new arrivals, on sales, etc. It will help to guide your customers move around your store.

Product Labels are labels that can use to entice customers attention to the certain products in the store. Be it new arrivals, bestsellers, sales promotion, etc.
How It Works?
•  Define the required product labels
•  Customize the labels
•  Assign the labels to specific products

Image Watermark

Automatically add an image watermark to your products’ images when you upload them. It can help to protect and prevent unethical competitors from stealing your images.
How It Works?
•  Create a new watermark
•  Define the type of watermark (text-based or image-based)
•  Input the text or upload the image for the watermark
•  Define the position of the watermark

Product Colour Series

Inform your customers that certain products of yours come in a colour series. It enhances product features and enable your customers to compare the available colours.

Product Color Series links to multiple products with a color series being assigned to them. It enhances product features with the ability for users to pick and compare colors. With the built-in color picker, store admin can either choose an existing color or add customized ones.
How It Works?
•  Determine how the Product Color Series should be displayed in your store
•  Determine where to display the Product Color Series
•  Define the colors names and codes
•  Create a Parent product
•  Create the Child products and assign them to their Parents
•  Assign the respective color series to the created products

Low Stock Alert

An alert notification will be sent to you when you have stocks that are running low.

Low Stock Alert gives you notifications when there are stock below the set threshold. This is to avoid losing orders due to out-of-stock and restock can be done accordingly.
How It Works?
•  On/Off Low Stock Alert
•  On/Off Low Stock Alert Via Email
•  Define low stock quantity to trigger alert 

Advanced Product Tabs

Additional informative product tabs can be added to any products whenever needed. Product Tabs allows the addition of additional descriptions/information on specific products or globally by providing additional informative tabs on product pages. It helps store owner to easily and immediately inform customers of additional product descriptions when there is a need.
How It Works?
•  Create a new Product Tab
•  Set the Product Tab to be displayed in all products or specific 
   products only
•  Enter the information to be displayed on that additional product tab

Product Comparison

This feature allows visitors to make product comparison conveniently by clicking on Add to compare button on the product image. Customers can use this feature to choose the best product from a certain range of products and to understand the full information before making purchases.


Allows the customers to have a reminder collection of their desired products, while you can analyze what your customers’ wishes and work on a marketing plan for it to encourage checkout.

This feature allows customers to store products that they intend to buy later in a list. Customers can add/delete products from their wishlist for future reference. This is a great tool for your customers to plan their shopping.

Product Reviews & Ratings

Allow customers to post their reviews and ratings on your store. This will help to convince your other customers to purchase products from your store and increase the credibility of your store.
Product Reviews
Product Reviews is an excellent tool used to promote products and share customers’ opinions. With this feature, it is possible to engage with customers and convince potential customers to purchase products by displaying the best reviews and ratings. 
How It Works?
•  Add reviews manually
•  Approve/reject submitted reviews