Homepage Marketing

Homepage is one of the most important pages in your store. This is where your customers will get their first impression of your store, and from this impression that will make them decide whether they will want to continue to explore your store.

Newsletter & Email Marketing

Notify your customers of your latest or upcoming sales, promotions and products with our newsletter marketing.
Newsletter Campaigner & Email Marketing
Email Marketing is essentially the online version of direct mail. It is a great way to establish a relationship with your customers, and you can create and manage email templates either manually or using drafted templates. Instead of sending costly fliers and coupons to a customer’s home, email marketing can send those same items digitally to a customer’s inbox. Besides, email marketing gives businesses the chance to track and see exactly who is opening their mail and who is actually using and reading the contents.

As with other forms of marketing, business owners can use email marketing in a variety of ways, from building brand loyalty and finding new customers to encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.

How It Works?

There are many ways for you as the online store owner to utilize Newsletter Campaigner & Email Marketing. Some of the most frequent forms used are:

Newsletter Campaigns

A quick way to keep your customers updated about upcoming or current promotions, special events and other store news. Newsletters can be sent on a recurring basis, such as every Friday or the first day of every month. Store admin can manage all newsletter operations such as organizing content, designing appearance, maintaining the subscriber list and scheduling the sending date and time from just one spot in the administration panel.

Email Marketing

This can be used to let customers know about upcoming sales. Emails containing marketing information can be sent in days before the time of sale period as well as during the sale as a reminder for customers. These operations can be carried out in the same way as newsletter campaigns in the admin panel.

Product Push Notifications

Alert your customers for special deals or promote specific products through special pop-ups.
Product Push Notifications (Push-Selling)
Product Push notifications are an effective tool used to alert users for a special deal, promote specific products, or prompt users to participate in a promotional event that are designed by store proprietors. This tool can be utilized to display personalized merchandise on your online shop. You can run these notifications on any product or page without any hassle.
How It Works?
Store admin can set the time or quantity limit option (or both if necessary) for a specific product in the administration area. In order to use Product Push Notifications, the store admin will need to configure the followings:

•  Appearance of the notification message 
•  Times of display
•  Message content (info of a product, or a group of products, etc.)
•  On which pages and positions the display should occur

Store admin can create as many notifications as required.

Blog Management

Update your users by publishing and categorizing articles, lookbooks, discussions an the Blog Manager.
Blog Manager
Image Gallery is used to display a collection of images in each individual album. For each images, it can also be linked to a desired page (e.g. Product page, Instagram page). It is usually used to display images of satisfied customers and/or shared /tagged photos to the store. 
How It Works?
•  Create an album in Image Gallery
•  Configure the album accordingly
•  Input images

Customer Loyalty Program

By having promotions, sales, rewards program, etc. in your store, customers’ loyalty can be built. In return, it will also create more sales.

Reward Points (Customer Loyalty Program)

Reward Points is one type of customer loyalty programs. Offering reward points earned and redemption for purchases do create more sale volumes and increase customer’s loyalty. It can be set to which products the reward points can be applied to.

How It Woks?

•  Define the products to apply reward points earned and redemption

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Want to recover lost sales? Our Abandoned Cart Reminder system could help you to recover at least 15% of lost sales by automatically following up with a potential customer when he/she leaves your store without checking out.

• Frequently, customers add products to their carts and do not complete the purchase process.
• The Abandoned Cart Reminder helps recapture these lost sales.
• You can even encourage them to purchase by including a coupon (auto generated) in the reminder!

How It Works?

Define Coupon Settings
Email Reminder Templates
Abandoned Cart List
abandoned-marketing abandoned-marketing abandoned-marketing

Social Media Marketing

Make deeper customer connections through social media marketing.
You would be able to market your products to social media directly from your store admin page and redirect your customers from the social media to your store.