Sales Promotion

Run storewide sales, bulk sales or purchase-with-purchase sales and it will boost your store’s traffic and convert them into sales effectively.

Sales Promotions are store’s promotions without the need of using coupon codes. It can be highly customized to create many different types of sales promotions storewide.
How It Works?
•  Determine the type of Sales Promotion
•  Set the conditions for the Sales Promotion
•  Define the Sales Promotion period

Rewards Promotion

Offer special reward points promotion to promote customers’ loyalty. You may even use this promotion to motivate your customers to submit their reviews and ratings.

Reward Promotion offers additional reward points to customers. Reward Promotion can be carried out to attract more customers opening accounts in the store, attract more submitted reviews and/or attract more checkouts.
How It Works?
•  Determine the type of Reward Promotion
•  Set the total Reward Points to be awarded upon activation of event
•  Set the validation period of the Reward Promotion

Bundles Promotion

Showcase selected bundles of discounted products when your customers view certain products or its category to entice your customers.

Bundles Promotion is a popular sales technique to generate more sales. The savings from the product bundles are the biggest attraction for customers.
How It Works?
•  Create Bundles Promotion by selecting 2 or more products to be sold 
   together at a special discounted price
•  Display Bundles Promotion on product and/or category page
•  Determine the display position on the page
•  Display on random basis when there are more than 1 Bundles Promotion in a single page

Deals Of The Day

Create an immediate impact flash sales promotion and a sense of urgency to allow you to build customers’ loyalty and sell off excess inventory fast.

Deal Of The Day is a type of ecommerce tool where a product is sold for a limited period of time with a Special Discount. This Deal Of The Day operates on a "get it before it's gone" mentality.  It provides online stores with the ability to set up one deal per day, create multiple deals within the same day or even schedule deals for multiple days. 
How It Works?
•  Browse and select the intended products
•  Determine the placement of the Deal of the Day in the store
•  Set up the Special Discount for the selected products
•  Define the validation period of the promotion

Gift Promotion

Increase your customer’s satisfaction level and your store’s revenue by giving a gift to your customers when they fulfill certain criterias when they shop at your store.

Gift Promotion is used to create the promotion of free gifts to customers when they purchase certain products in the store. Increase customer satisfaction and revenue using many combinations of gift promotions. This function will add gift product(s) into shopping carts automatically.
How It Works?
•  Determine the type of Gift Promotion
•  Set the conditions for the Gift Promotion
•  Select the product(s) to be the free gift
•  Set the validation period for the Gift Promotion


Discount coupons are most loved by online customers. You can create discount/coupon codes to suit your specific sales promotions to increase traffic to your store and boost sales.

Coupon is a popular type of promotions used in an ecommerce store. Relevant coupon codes are required to be keyed in during checkouts to be entitled for the discounts.
How It Works?
•  Determine the purpose of the Coupon promotion
•  Determine the discount type : percentage-based or fixed amount
•  Define the fulfilment conditions for the promotion
•  Define the validation period of the coupon

Event Timer

Create a sense of urgency to your customers by having certain limited time offer promotion to increase sales. Event Timer is used to create a sense of urgency to the customers to checkout within the given time in order to get the discounts. 
How It Works?
•  Determine the triggering event
•  Define the type of discount
•  Set the validation period of the promotion
•  Set the duration of the timer
•  Determine the appearance of the Event Time

Upsell Offer

Prompt your customers for either bulk offers, better deals or better discounts when they buy certain types/combinations of your products.
Upsell Offers are used either to motivate the customers to upgrade their purchases to more expensive items with better specifications or adding add-ons to the product that they are checking out.
How It Works?
•  Determine which product to have upsell offer(s)
•  Create the intended upsell offer(s)
•  Define the triggering event for the upsell offer(s)

Gift Vouchers

Send gift vouchers to your customers to show your appreciation and/or during festive seasons and their birthdays to remind them of you and your store. Your customers could also purchase these gift vouchers for their friends/relatives.

Gift Voucher works like Coupon with a one-time use code. The Gift Voucher can be given out by the store owner for customer appreciation/loyalty program or being purchased by your customers to be given as a gift to friends or clients.
How It Works?
•  Determine the theme of the Gift Voucher
•  Determine the amount of voucher
•  Determine the voucher code
•  Determine the message and recipient

Social Deals & Discount

This feature aims to improve your store sales by rewarding your customers for providing online referrals and word of mouth. It works by enabling customers to instantly like a business on Facebook or follow it on Twitter. This real-time social networking tool leverages social media channels by spreading the word to customers' friends and followers as they claim offers and patronize the business. Users can also use the dashboard to create and modify offers, as well as to manage vouchers, coupons, reward points and discounts.
How It Works?
Store admin needs to configure the followings:
•  Set the social discount name and action (like, follow, or tweet)
•  Type of discount (percentage or fixed amount)
•  Validation period
•  Total purchased quantity or amount to be reached to apply 
    discouint (optional)
•  Uses of discount per sale or per customer (optional)